Any excuse for a party!

The Spirit of the Party!

Clairvoyant readings are not only a popular ingredient for Hens Nights! Birthday parties, Christmas parties and everything in between all benefit from this attractive opportunity. Add some sparkle to your function and it will always be fondly remembered! Don’t have an occasion? It is just as easy to create one.

Host-A-Clairvoyant – just get a few friends together for 3 – 4 hours reading time and The Sage Hut Wizard can come to you!

The average read-athon covers 4 – 5 hours, with a half way break for the voice. Depending on your number of interested friends, readings will be anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes duration. All that’s needed is a quiet corner or room with a table and two chairs.

Shorter readings still reveal a lot of amazing insights and are as empowering and inspiring as a full session. Clients usually have a few questions which works best in a short time frame, but ‘what’s on the cards’ also works. The fee is the same as for the usual one-on-one sessions and based on duration of the actual reading time. Depending on distance, there will be a contribution for travel.

We will bring our own decorations and regalia and if needed can bring table and chairs. If your venue requires a long walk from the car park, it is appreciated if you have all the furniture there. :-)

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Reading Gift Vouchers – from Christmas to Mothers Day, a Gift from Heart to Heart

Vouchers are a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you. A feel-good gift for friends, relatives and staff! Christmas and Birthday Gift Vouchers are the most popular ones, with Thank You Gift Vouchers a close second before Mothers Day. Custom vouchers are available for your occasion.

Choose from the selection of attractive motifs – flowers, animals, landscapes. Name your Voucher event and add the picture code on the form.

If you would like a motif not shown, most likely The Sage Hut Wizard image library will find a suitable option – maybe a butterfly, a waterfall, a horse or a sunset; or you may want to have your own image featured. There may be a surcharge for the extra time required in sourcing and implementing a different picture.

My original profession as a graphic designer and photographer allows me to create memorable designs for all tastes. And the best part is – you only pay for the reading session, the card with your choice of existing motifs and the postage in Australia are my gift to you!

Be sure to order your Gift Voucher at least three weeks in advance.


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