What you can expect

A Place to Relax and Revive.

Find a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can be yourself. Enjoy an uplifting private reading session and an experienced, caring psychic ready to help you find clarity so you can make the changes needed for your desired outcomes. Messages come through thoughts, pictures and the Tarot Cards, from dowsing and channeled information. Should I receive a negative message, it usually comes with the instructions on to deal with it.

There are a variety of ways to receive this information. You may wish to have a reading where all you have to do is nod or shake your head, or you can ask lots of questions. If you need to speak to a loved one who has left the Earth plane, channeled messages may be available during the session. Disclaimer: a reader is never ‘in charge’, we just operate as clear channels so that the messages the universe wishes to bestow can come through as clearly as possible.

On a practical note, payment for face to face sessions is due at the time of the reading (except for voucher clients). Tobacco and a blanket used to work well with American Indian mediums. We live in a hot climate and I do not smoke, so cash or money order are the accepted currencies.

For pre-booked phone reading sessions via my landline a PayPal account is emailed to you and paid before the session. Phone readings are great if you live too far away or recovering from a flu. No need to dress up, and you can receive all the information in the comfort of your home.

All readings are pre-booked via webmail. It’s quick and easy. Surprise a friend with a gift voucher that does not put on weight or collect dust!

Looking forward to see you soon :-)



Frequently asked questions

Firstly, a warm welcome! I am here to help. Readings are offered in a positive and personal atmoshere, encouraging you to relax, enjoy and be yourself.

My insights come to me through straight intuition with messages and imagery. In addition I utilise Tarot Cards, Destiny Cards, and dowsing to obtain the most accurate and useful information for you. My main aim is to inspire and empower you to help yourself, and to regain your mojo.

On a practical note, payment is due at the time of the reading in cash or as postal money order. If your session needs to go more than a few minutes over time which is your decision, a pro rata fee may be added. Currently we have a special for first time clients until the end of May, 2016.

Group psychic readings for parties, hens nights and similar occasions are available and always very popular. Find a unique gift for a special person – choose from beautifully designed gift vouchers for birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion.

Vibrant, positive and accurate readings over distance are available via phone and through Skype.