Authenticity and Valentine’s Day…

  • By Brigitte
  • Published February 6, 2020
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Authenticity  is my new Peace! Cry. Being yourself and liking it can transform your life. As you give away the need to suck up, appear a certain way, ‘like’ posts you don’t really agree with just so the person posting them thinks you’re cool, you use up less energy.

And the results are so worth it. Funnily enough, as you respect yourself more, respect from others follows. No more need for F…Off, either :-). Folks not in alignment with who you are will do so unasked once they see you mean business!

As for Valentine’s Day, how much easier is it to trust (and love) someone who is authentic and happy in themselves! Like attracts like. Vulnerability is ok. Anger, expressed constructively and coupled with fairness, is ok. Having off days is ok, too. If you are truly authentic, you also welcome your partner’s authenticity and respect them for who they are. Two strong hearts!

A Gift Voucher for an empowering reading is a beautiful gift. Gluten free, no preservatives, no weight gain and safe driving after! You can always add flowers!

My offer to you – book a 30 min reading for your Beloved as a Valentine’s Gift and come together. I will throw in another 30 minutes for you at no extra cost. That is a saving of $40!

If you prefer to come at a different time (in case of skeletons in the closet until full authenticity is reached), I will arrange that, too. Go to my ‘gift vouchers’ page and pick a motif for your voucher.

Valid until 31 March, 2020. See you soon at The Sage Hut in Bungendore!Valentine Roses