Kyneton, we have landed!

  • By Brigitte
  • Published May 10, 2016
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Even Wizards are not spared turbulences in a Nine Year… but we are here now and looking forward to make new friends in Kyneton and surrounds!

Reading sessions are available face to face or telephone.

Classes and parties are looking for venues – if you have a suitable space and a few friends, we can do something. What a great way to make the most of cosy indoor activities, have lots of fun and learn how to turn your intuition into an incredibly effective tool for yourself and to help others.

Talking Trees

Let me share two recent experiences outside the realm of my readings. Life is amazing if we are receptive and perceptive! I was collecting horse gold (some call it poo) on my previous rental property and in swinging my scoop sideways I accidentally hit a tree person. I said, “Oh I’m sorry, I did not mean to” and at that very instant I got “I KNOW”. Direct line! When I bumped another tree later, apologising as I always do, there was no reply, even if I expected one. The first tree meant to say it.

Animal Communications

My daughter has an adorable new rescue cat. Stunning personality! During a visit to my place, minus the cat, she talked about how he seemed a bit timid. Standing on the other side of the table, I clearly recall the spot, I suddenly became the cat and I protested! ‘ I am NOT scared! I am an upstanding tom cat, I know myself well and I am smart enough to avoid unpleasant situations!’ Neither of us had expected this as I am not normally an animal channel, but there was no question about it.

Next my daughter mused about his past and what might have happened to him before he came to the pound, and as in a video I was shown the couple who must have owned him. An attractive young woman with long, wavy brown hair, late twenties to early thirties, seemed to be his owner. Her partner was tall and angular, with dark short hair. He didn’t mind the cat but had no relationship with him. So when in the absense of his partner the cat got on the table, the guy would flick him down with his arm. He did not mean to be cruel, but he just did not relate. Our upstanding male cat told me he got pretty sick of this, and while it was sad to leave his owner, he decided he was not having anymore brush-offs. I saw him, squeeze through a gap in a slightly rotten section of the pailing fence on a corner block, trotting down the side of the street along a concrete edge. Then the video ended.