Voucher Time, Victorians!

  • By Brigitte
  • Published March 6, 2016
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Volunteer Voucher cup

The Sage Hut Wizard’s assistant is amazed! Victoria rocks – events and markets and festivals everywhere! I have just created two special half hour vouchers for an upcoming local Fundraising Event via Kelli Hamilton. But wait, there’s more – Mother’s Day is coming up soon, too and what a lovely gift is an honest, empowering reading session face to face! Check out the voucher designs on this website. Comments are welcome!

I am still exploring the area and learning from getting lost in and around Ballarat! Yesterday I managed to find a dear old friend in Torquay near Geelong. En route a young woman flagged me down, crying. She was lost and under a lot of stress, trying to find a side street between townships where she wanted to say Goodbye to her father; then she needed to find Ballarat. She told me she is a sole Mum to four kids with financial problems. I asked her to sit in my car for a while and we talked until she felt better. (We obviously both need to get a GPS).

There are so many sad and lost people out there, only brochures and advertising make us believe everyone is healthy, happy and smiling. We may not be able to solve their problems, but just taking the time to listen from the heart can make a difference. And when we do, I believe we connect to our spirit, as the source for compassion within is love!