Spirits from a Past Life

  • By Brigitte
  • Published July 29, 2016
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Spirit guides to the rescue.

Spirit guides to the rescue.

A dentist does not do his own fillings. This clairvoyant turns to a colleague at times. And this time, Monica Ward picked up a past life yours truly endured in her new area of the goldfields, causing a sense of uneasiness – aha!

I saw myself as the young widow of a gold miner, wearing pants, tending horses and basically keeping the show on the road and doing the job of Mum and Dad, raising a 4, 6 and 12 year old child! The house was a little old cottage and very cold. My leather boots were hard from constant contact with mud (like now, except these days I wear gumboots). No wonder I feel drawn back to Canberra… but my decision is to settle here to be near family. Last time I came here against my will, as part of an arranged marriage…

The ending was very positive, I lived to 98 years and was loved and respected, surrounded by friends and family in a beautiful home. I can handle that!

But wait, there’s more! After the reading I felt a strong presence behind me. Not threatening, but nevertheless, a visitor. I turned around and there was a spirit of a tall and very likeable Aboriginal man, the then spokesperson for a tribe residing in – the area I’ll find my new home in. The vibe was very positive, as though we were mates.

There was a lady in her late 30ies, standing next to my bed post. She smiled and it turned out we used to be good friends. That, too, felt lovely. And then came the biggest surprise I ever had from my numerous spirit encounters.

A close family member who had passed away a few years ago, whom I had life long big issues with (and used to blame for my insecurities and feelings of worthlessness) sat on my bed and looked at me with eyes of love. I was overcome. I had tried and tried to forgive them, and never quite got there. There was total trust, even affection, and respect. It felt amazing. It then turned out that they (yes I am protecting an identity here 🙂 ) had been my doctor in that past life and removed a goiter! They had cared about me and admired my tenacity – in this life, the experience had been very different. It was truly a melting moment and I felt as though all my anger and resentment was melting away.

We have much to learn – and much to be grateful for!