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The Pendoogle - Your Reader in the Pocket

Everyone has heard of pendulums for dowsing. It is very simple and yet it’s not – if we want reliable answers!

Firstly, there is a position to hold it that connects via an acupressure point to your intuitive heart-brain. Other positions are far less reliable, but can be used for...Read More

"The Intuitive Way to the Tarot" - next class coming up!

We live in uncertain times. Many of us are in need of answers logic does not have. An intuitive, ethical minded reader can really help to empower and equip a client to tackle the path ahead with new insights and greater confidence. Will you be one of us?


We prefer...Read More

Vulnerability as a Gateway to Connection

We are all editing ourselves constantly to be acceptable, good enough, to belong. If you do not belong, you are an outcast and doomed. We may do this on autopilot and not even be aware to what extent it happens in our daily lives!

Everybody is drawn to people who are...Read More

Spirits from a Past Life

Spirit guides to the rescue.

A dentist does not do his own fillings. This clairvoyant turns to a colleague at times. And this time, Monica Ward picked up a past life yours truly endured in her new area of the goldfields,...Read More