The Pendoogle – Your Reader in the Pocket

  • By Brigitte
  • Published July 27, 2023
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Everyone has heard of pendulums for dowsing. It is very simple and yet it’s not – if we want reliable answers!

Firstly, there is a position to hold it that connects via an acupressure point to your intuitive heart-brain. Other positions are far less reliable, but can be used for great party tricks – with people wondering HOW you can predict direction, start and stop and  without your hand moving at all!

Crystal pendulums are the most attractive, but depending on the type of crystal, need regular ‘cleansing’. I prefer metal, they are always ready. You can even use a small rock on a string.

And what can your pendulum tell you? Is that cabbage still good (or off)? Did I upset this person yesterday? Which part of this meal did not agree with me? Of two options, which one serves my highest good? And lots more.

Re accuracy: the more you use a pendulum, the more accurate your results will become as you learn to disengage from your logical mind and go into alpha. Where there is strong emotional charge, this can create inaccuracies. Do not rely on pendulum answers for life and death questions, but use it as a guide.

Types of questions that work well: Yes/No, percentage (eg, comparing supplements for quality and effectiveness) and time frames.

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