Vulnerability as a Gateway to Connection

  • By Brigitte
  • Published May 25, 2019
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We are all editing ourselves constantly to be acceptable, good enough, to belong. If you do not belong, you are an outcast and doomed. We may do this on autopilot and not even be aware to what extent it happens in our daily lives!

Everybody is drawn to people who are comfortable to be themselves. People who accept themselves, love who they are without being what we call  ‘up themselves’, who are comfortable with their sum total; their talents and abilities, their looks, personality traits and their so-called flaws.

How did they get there?

Watch this amazing Ted Talk with Brene Brown, a researcher/story teller with a wonderful sense of humour and a good example of what    AUTHENTICITY    really means…


…and if you would like to examine and replace beliefs that hold you back from feeling safe and connected, contact me for a Psych-K session.

Psych-K (R) means “Key to the Psyche” and has nothing to do with psychic readings. You might say a reading shows you what lies ahead, and Psych-K is the tool kit to create the desired change on a neurological level. Enjoy!

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